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Cyclops: Cyclops, (Greek: “Round Eye”) in Greek legend and literature, any of several one-eyed giants to whom were ascribed a variety of histories and deeds. In Homer the Cyclopes were cannibals, living a rude pastoral life in a distant land (traditionally Sicily), and the Odyssey contains a well-known

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In Greek mythology it described the pure air that the gods breathed. Maxwell himself summed up the state of affairs in his definition of aether for the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1878: “Aethers.

Egyptian Mythology was the belief structure and underlying form of ancient Egyptian culture from at least c. 4000 BCE (as evidenced by burial practices and tomb paintings) to 30 CE with the death of Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt.Every aspect of life in ancient Egypt was informed by the stories which related the creation of the world and the sustaining of that world.

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The mythology of the ancient Basques largely did not survive the arrival of Christianity in the Basque Country between the 4th and 12th century AD. Most of what is known about elements of this original belief system is based on the analysis of legends, the study of place names and scant historical references to pagan rituals practised by the Basques. One main figure of this belief system was.

The Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos. For anyone who thinks this took place out of sight of the average person, this shatters that mythology. There was one Auschwitz. There was one Treblinka. But.

A free illustrated encyclopedia of Greek Mythology. Click letters to navigate: A. Achaia. Acheron. Achilles. Acriseus. Acropolis. Aeetes. Aegean Sea

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Since the Encyclopedia Britannica doesn’t have articles on Jar. “If the Jar’Edo Wens hoax had been about Greek or Roman or Norse mythology, it would’ve been found faster,” Matetsky admits. “If we.

History has woven quite a collection of folklore, mythology and superstition around the sexual. Hill, Mark Douglas. The Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia: A Compendium of Culinary Come-Ons. Square Peg,

The Chilote mythology or Chilota mythology is formed by the myths, legends and beliefs of the people who live in the Chiloé Archipelago, in the south of Chile.This mythology reflects the importance of the sea in the life of Chilotes. Chilote mythology is based on a mixture of indigenous religions and beliefs from the natives (the Chonos and Huilliches) that live in the Archipelago of Chiloé.

Japanese mythology includes a vast number of gods, goddesses, and spirits. Most of the stories concern the creation of the world, the foundation of the islands of Japan, and the activities of deities, humans, animals, spirits, and magical creatures. Some myths describe characters and events associated with particular places in Japan.

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It was not even prominent among the symbols of the Lost Cause that helped create the myth of the noble suffering South during. of Mississippi historian Allen Cabaniss, writing in The Encyclopedia.

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A-Am. Contains articles like Acastus – Myth Encyclopedia, Achilles – Myth Encyclopedia, Adad – Myth Encyclopedia, Adam and Eve – Myth Encyclopedia, Adonis – Myth Encyclopedia, Aegir – Myth Encyclopedia, Aeneas – Myth Encyclopedia, Aeneid, The – Myth Encyclopedia, Aeolus – Myth Encyclopedia, African Mythology – Myth Encyclopedia, etc…

Dr. Bard is the director of the Jewish Virtual Library, the world’s most comprehensive online encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture. He is also the author/editor of 24 books, including The Arab.

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Keeping track of the “Defiance” mythology became complicated enough that an associate. He created an online “Defiance” encyclopedia that details everything from the characters in the video game and.

No, so says the Encyclopedia Brittanica, they do not. a cruel trick which convinced droves of viewers of the false nature notion and helped the myth persist.

In Greek mythology the Hydra (or Lernaean hydra) was a serpent-like monster.According to Theogony 313, the Hydra is the child of Typhon and Echidna.The Hydra had many heads. If you cut off one hydra head, two more would grow back in its place. It is also said that the Hydra’s teeth were able to raise skeletons from the dead.

One of the most striking aspects of the Welsh referendum result is how closely it matches England’s. The 1888 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica famously read: “For Wales, See England” – and.

Who exactly is this Easter bunny? And how was it able to hop so prominently into. Authorities on folklore instead turn to ancient Anglo-Saxon mythology in search of answers. Specifically, their.

Sale’s position was the standard for the next 150 years, not least because his words were quoted in the entry under “Mahomet” in the Encyclopedia Britannica. went with the spread of Islam. But the.

Over the next 400 years, Virginia was to be the nursery and battleground of slavery, a land of segregation, lynchings and white supremacy, and home to unbending racial oppression and the myth of the.

Diverse cultures include variations on the phoenix, a bird with the ability to be reborn Phoenix, Arizona was named such because it was a frontier station settled upon the ruins of a Native American site. The first European inhabitants decided to name their city in concurrence with the idea that.

Wrath of the Gods, the Greek mythology adventure game from the makers of Mythweb, is available on CD-ROM., the Greek mythology adventure game from the makers of Mythweb…

Talking to Peele is like talking to an encyclopedia of pop culture knowledge. The tethered red, the idea was to kind of create this mythology for this family that is scary and dark.

Greek mythology, as in other ancient cultures, was used as a means to explain the environment in which humankind lived, the natural phenomena they witnessed and the passing of time through the days, months, and seasons. Myths were also intricately connected to religion in the Greek world and.

Narcissus: Narcissus, in Greek mythology, the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope. He was distinguished for his beauty. According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book III, Narcissus’s mother was told by the blind seer Tiresias that he would have a long life, provided he never recognized himself.